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A proverb from Mali says that one can’t pick up a stone with one finger only. Is there an obstacle in your path? Do you need a hand? Whether your project is large or small, your organization complex or simple, we can clear the way and pave the road to help you reach your goal!


Passez Go was created in 1993. Its two senior associates offer a broad range of expertise:

  • Danièle Blain has been doing organizational communications for over 20 years. She is also a peerless, fully bilingual researcher and writer who can help you structure your ideas and effectively reach your various publics.

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  • Alain Péricard specializes in social research, evaluation and training. A former graduate studies professor in communications at UQÀM and McGill University, he is a keen methodologist with a long experience in international development and intercultural communications.

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Passez Go is a small firm whose strength lies in its strong network of long time collaborators. We respond to needs that go beyond our immediate capacities by creating made-to-measure teams of individuals already used to working together.  All this at very competitive prices!

This flexibility allows us to either take complete responsibility for a project or to offer support to an existing team. And because for us, success means enhancing your own team’s capacities, coaching and on-the-job training components can also be integrated in all our interventions.